To Bloc or Not to Bloc?

To Bloc or Not to Bloc?

(Freaky Friday, 08282015) Typing this using hands connected to a brain still looking for its morning coffee rush. The post therefore should be read as a gut-reaction type of rant. Religion can be a dangerous thing. I am not the first one to say that and I am probably not going to be the last. … Continue reading

For Biblio-Anthro 030815

Assignment based on the James White video:  Enumerate the 6 passages, given by Dr White, which mention homosexuality.  Why do you think these passages are seen as relevant to the discussion? (Clue: it has something to do with the number of passages.) Do you think the arguments he made can be used in our cultural … Continue reading

Biblio-Anthro Midterm Examination 011215

The following article shall be the basis of the midterm examination for Bibliology-Anthropology: The Bible So Misunderstood It’s a Sin Instructions are as discussed in class (January 12, 2015). ***************************** Note: A hard copy of the article, sans pictures and advertisements, shall be provided at the photocopy section of the library. (Just in case.)