Why The Weird Blog Name?

As those little characters below “in favilla et cinere” say, this is NOT just another WordPress blog. I’m not exactly sure what it is yet, since I’m just starting out (belatedly, I know) with blogging, and I have absolutely no idea where this little adventure will take me. I do intend to make my blog stand out, which is easier said than done.

But For those interested to know what this little blog is about: The title is part of a line Job says in response to God’s revealing himself near the end of the book of Job. Job says, “I repent in dust and ashes.” In favilla et cinere is just “dust and ashes” in Latin.

Why did I choose that? First, Latin adds a little mystery of sorts. Not until you read what I’ve written in the preceding paragraph will you understand what the title means. I wanted to use Sanskrit, but I don’t think other systems all carry the font.

Second, I believe that repenting in dust and ashes is where we all start in our Christian life. It isn’t exactly when “I have decided to follow Jesus;” but when God picks us up out of the mire of our misery and graciously gives us life in the Son. It’s a good little reminder of how we started.

Finally, I believe in favilla et cinere is a whole lot better than my earlier choices: Sympathomimetix (don’t ask), Ohsanisms (not bad, but…), and Over A Cup Of Coffee. The last one has a relaxing and welcoming ring to it, but I’d still have second thoughts about using something which might cause people to confuse me with the late Teodoro Valencia. (Remember him?)

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