Wind in the Willows


(Many, many thanks to Rev. Dennis Yam for purchasing the DVD set in my behalf.)


Some of my spare time these days are spent watching a DVD adaptation of one of my favorite books, The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame. I agree with those who say that this adaptation, made by Cosgrove Hall, is one of the best. It captures very well the magic of the world created by Grahame, as well as the attributes of each of the main characters.

If you want to listen to the theme song from the series, here’s a link to Ralph Mctell’s website – Wind in the Willows song.





“Finitum non capax infinitum.”


PS. No, you may not borrow my DVD set to make your bootlegged copy. Buy your own. Or go to Youtube. Or better yet, go to National Bookstore (”The total bookstore, where the only thing less is the price.”) or Powerbooks and buy your own copy. ’nuff said.

Update: Pictured on the left is the cover for the Season 1 DVD. The main characters (from L-R): Badger, Mole, Rat, and Toad of Toad Hall. Cosgrove Hall did an adaptation of the book, and followed with a series, which ran for four seasons.


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