To the Millions of Readers…

…living in my imagination, and to the few who actually read what I post here: Apologies for not posting for a while. Things have been pretty hectic these past few weeks, and they’ll get more hectic in the next few weeks, what with Christmas coming up and all that.


One thing that’s kept me busy was the repair of my fish tank. I found out several weeks ago that my tank had sprung a leak. It wasn’t serious – just a few drops that left the aquarium stand and the floor below it constantly damp. To my friends who keep fishes in aquariums, you know what a hassle it is to repair a tank. I had to drain out all the water, remove the gravel, clean everything up, and then (the hardest part of all) wait for the repair guy. Meanwhile, my two fish, Dialectix and Homiletix, were transferred to a pet shop run by a friend of mine.

DialectixThey’ve grown considerably when I last saw them, probably because the shop owner’s been feeding them tubifex worms. I’ve been feeding them flakes and pellets which, contrary to what’s written on the labels, don’t seem to work in making fish to grow. Or maybe I’m doing the feeding wrong? Anyway, once they’re back in my tank (in about another two weeks, since I have to wait for the tank to “mature”) it’s back to frozen peas for them. Pictured is Dialectix, my Calico ranchu.


Time to diet, my little friends.


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