Something We Never Want to Talk About…

I was scheduled for a Treadmill Test this morning.

 All indications noticed by a layman such as me point to the fact that I might not be as healthy as I would like to be. I got tired five minutes into the test. Me, the one who used to mountain bike for the fun of it. My lower legs got cramps and my back hurt. I was muttering Bible books (in order) to take my mind away from the cramps and the pain but it didn’t work too well. I got to the second round (I reached Haggai) and then I had to slow down. The attendant must have noticed my discomfort because she immediately slowed the machine down. I drank three large cups of water after that.

Note to future pastors: The Surgeon General has warned that ministry can be bad for your health.

All semi kidding aside: Has anyone ever determined whether or not being a minister in a Chinese-Filipino church (or any church for that matter) is detrimental to one’s health?  Do we get enough time to exercise? I mean really exercise and not the finger poking/intertwining that seems to be the craze these days?


2 thoughts on “Something We Never Want to Talk About…”

  1. I’ve officially started going up the stairs (and down the elevator) unless I need to get up really fast. Although sometimes I forget and go up the elevator and down the stairs. Ah, life…

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