Some Points of Interest

Captain’s log, stardate: 71122.1

For those who like to browse around on the internet looking for interesting things, I recommend two articles.

The first one is from Berean Beacon and it’s about Mother Teresa and her crisis of faith. A must read for anyone who still thinks that those who trust in the sufficiency of Christ can fellowship with those who don’t. It’s also a good read for those who may doubt their faith, or who continue to trust in their good works for salvation. I find it really creepy that someone who is held in high regard by religious people all over the world never new knew (Thanks, Marion!) Christ for nearly fifty years of her life. That’s about 80% of her ministry life. Sad.

The second one is from Tim Challies. Read it and… weep for the lost among the academe.

“Finitum non capax infinitum.” They can’t comprehend me either.


One thought on “Some Points of Interest”

  1. you didn’t have to publish the typo that i pointed out — it shows everyone how meticulous i am with reading articles. i’m a nerd!

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