Living With Crickets


I live with crickets. I usually have around four or five in a little container next to my TV set. The crickets are food for my pet tarantula, Suffix. I buy my crickets from a neighborhood pet store. They’re about two pesos each. That means they’re a little higher on the economic chain than blood worms – several hundred worms for ten pesos.


Anyway, having crickets can be very interesting. Not that I would encourage you to get them as pets, since I’m not sure if they do make good anything except food. Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches – now those make good pets.


Back to the crickets… Mine are fed a very healthy diet of greens and bread, with a little fish food every now and then. I keep them healthy because I want my spider to be healthy.

A few observations about crickets:

  • They are noisy. Really. Try getting some sleep with them in your room. Or maybe even outside your room. I put mine out in the hallway during bedtime (mine, not theirs) and they’re still loud enough to be heard. By the way, it’s cute the way they make those chirpy sounds – they lift their fore wings and just rub them together. Instant chirp.
  • They will eat anything. They will even much the insides of the plastic bags they came in.
  • They smell. As in they stink.

’nuff said!


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