Movies I Might See Next Year

It’s December 25, and here in the Philippines it is the second day of the Metro Manila Film Festival. (Celebrations kicked off yesterday with a parade of stars and floats.) The MMFF is held late December to early January to celebrate Filipino Film. That means that for about two or three weeks, absolutely no foreign-made movies will be shown in theaters.

Our local movies cater to all kinds of people. There are love story movies, action movies, horror movies, and drama movies. You want to either have a good cry, or have your heartstrings pulled, there’s a movie for you. You want to see people taking revenge and blowing other people up, a quick glance through the movie listings will find you a nice two hours to waste your hard-earned money spend your afternoon.  While there are still local movies that are made like the people who made them didn’t have a clue to movie-making, local films in general are really getting better. They’ve even started to recognize independent movie makers a few years back.

Call me biased, but I’m not really that much into local movies. I still prefer the international variety. I’m still waiting for two foreign movies to start showing next year. (Please note that I still do watch local movies from time to time. But I only watch them if they have something foreign movies don’t have. As to what that something is, well it’s subjective so I don’t have to tell you.)

Two movies I hope to watch next year are:

I Am Legend. Ok, this one is a remake of a remake. It stars Will Smith, whom everyone will always remember as Agent J from Men in Black. Still I’m eager to see how they translate this for the twenty-first century audience. I watched the Omega Man starring Charlton Heston when I was a kid (it was a replay back then, I’m not THAT old). Of course the older version lacked the sophisticated special effects, but it still left an impression. That movie was the basis of this remake, albeit with special effects and more technological yahoos.

The Kite Runner. The plot line from IMDB goes like this, “After spending years in California, Amir returns to his homeland in Afghanistan to help his old friend Hassan, whose son is in trouble.” Not much of a story there, so you’ll have to go to their website, or read Al Mohler’s examination of the film. I just hope it’ll be shown here.

Like they say in the movies, “Ciao, baby!”


2 Replies to “Movies I Might See Next Year”

  1. *(it was a replay back then, I’m not THAT old)

    I didn’t know that you were that conscious of your age. =)

    I myself don’t watch local movies. I like it that you didn’t delete your comment but just put strikethroughs on them – I agree with that comment. Local movies don’t entertain me. The “actors” don’t know how to act and they usually portray roles that are closer to what their own lives are like. If their roles are so far from what they are in real life, they just look “plastic”. What is sad is that most of the local movies have vulgar language included in the script. People laugh when they hear “Tanging Ina” because it sounds almost like the curse. It’s not funny. Do you laugh when they curse your mom? Of course not.

    By the way, I don’t like Will Smith, so I won’t watch I Am Legend.

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