I Am Legend

As I mentioned last year (or two and half weeks ago, if you count differently) one of the movies I intended to watch was I Am Legend. It stars Will Smith, and is a remake of a less technologically spectacular movie starring the monotonous Charlton Heston. I say monotonous with great respect – Heston is the King of the Monotone. I patterned my initial preaching style after him. (Are you reading this Jamiely? Smileys all around.)

Well, a week after the movie opened, I finally got the chance to see the film. With my bucket of popcorn and large cup of iced tea (without ice), I plopped down on what I thought was the best place in the cinema. The movie started, and it became apparent that my spot wasn’t as ideal as I thought. The guy behind me kept making silly (too silly to be printed) comments, while a lady two seats from me kept asking silly (too silly to be printed) questions. Oh well. I guess it happens to the best of us.

One of the things that caught my attention during the movie was Robert Neville’s (Smith) line, “There is NO GOD!” This line was uttered about 3/5ths of the way through the story, when he gets into an argument with another survivor. The latter insisted that there was a purpose to things happening, like why she was there, why Neville was there, etc. While I don’t particularly agree with Neville’s assessment that God doesn’t exist, I can fully understand why he said what he did. How would you feel if you believed you were the only normal human left on the planet, and the abnormal ones (hundreds, maybe thousands of them) are out to eat you? It is an utterance of despair and hopelessness, albeit false in content.

I’m going to give a more detailed review of the film soon, but I just wanted to point out that you probably don’t need a Golden Compass to argue that somebody can kill God. I’ll leave you to ponder what that means.



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