god Is Not Great

Under the category of What I’m Reading Right Now, on my desk is a recently purchased copy of Cristopher Hitchens’ god Is Not Great. Yes, that’s the way it’s spelled. Throughout the book, Hitchens, a confessed atheist, constantly belittles the concept of God. His book is not so much a rant against Christianity, as much as a rant against all religions. Nevertheless, he does have choice words against Christianity, in particular the atonement.

While I will not recommend a book like this to just anyone, I have to admit that I find some books written from the perspective of “the other side” to be very interesting reading. (Please note that I didn’t say easy reading. Some of the books are tougher than others to read, but it’s still interesting to peek into the minds of atheists or non-Christians and see how they think.)

Stay tuned…


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