Pastors’ Conference (Part 3)

This is Part 3 of my (hopefully) four-part post regarding the Pastors’ Conference I’m attending. Rather than give a run-through of everything that went on yesterday, I’ll concentrate by giving a short thought on one topic that gave rise to lots of after session debates.

The big topic on Wednesday was about the Lord’s Day and about Christ’s Lordship on that day. The speaker made it clear that he wasn’t on a legalizing spree, meaning he didn’t want the topic to metamorphose into a “what may we do and what may we not do on Sunday” free for all.  Some of the delegates still didn’t get it though. Manny Pacquiao even became part of the topic – “Is it okay to watch a Manny Pacquiao fight if it falls on a Sunday morning?”

One word that popped up a lot after the session was the word legalist and its variations – legalistic and legalism. I certainly know enough not to advocate legalism, and I sympathize with those who get wrongly accused of being a legalist. I want people to do what is legal (according to the law, or lawful) versus being legalistic (simply put, getting to caught up in the letter of the law that they miss the spirit of the law).

I apologize if i leave people hanging with this post. (Not the first time. – Conscience) We’ll be wrapping up the seminars today, so I believe I’ll have a more rounded take on the topic.

Stay tuned.



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