Something to Add Regarding the Pastors’ Conference

bible.jpgOne of the speakers during the last conference (see my previous blogs) is Pastor Ian Densham. The last conference was the second time I’ve had the opportunity to listen to Ptr. Densham. I remember how during the conference a couple of years ago, Ptr. Densham would start off quietly, and as he got into the body of his lesson, he would raise his voice and give emphatic “punctuations” to his sentences. Note that he is not a whisperer – his voice is very audible at the start and gets more and more audible as he goes on. That characteristic of his wasn’t lost last time around.

During the last conference, references were made as to Ptr. Densham’s expertise in the Old Testament. (He’s doing a module class on the Old Testament starting tomorrow, Tuesday; the module class will run till next week.) I’m not sure if it was the senior pastor or somebody else at Cubao Reformed who mentioned that the Old Testament was a passion for Ptr. Densham, and he gets emotional and excited when he starts lecturing on the OT.

I can’t attend the module class(too many things to do) but I found another option. Ptr. Ian Densham’s sermons (some of them, at least) are available for downloading at Sermon Audio. His sermons on the book of Joshua can be found here.

So drop by the site and hear Ptr. Densham expound God’s word. You won’t be disappointed.



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