Dr. James White

jrw2sml.jpgOne of the blogs I frequent is Alpha & Omega Ministries, by Dr. James White (left), the director of Alpha & Omega Ministries and also an elder at Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church. And one of the things I look forward to is Dr. White’s bi-weekly program The Dividing Line.

The Dividing Line airs Tuesdays and Thursdays (Wednesdays and Fridays over here in the Pearl of the Orient). It runs about an hour, and in it Dr. White discusses all things… Reformed. Dr. White is an author of more than a lot of books, and has also debated (excellently, in my humble opinion) on diverse subjects like Calvinism, Roman Catholicism, and the authenticity of the Scriptures.

Dr. White also has a video account on Youtube which you can subscribe to. Just look for DrOakley1689.

Drop by Alpha & Omega Ministries and be blessed.





PS. They recently changed the look of their website. (You can still access the old look, somewhat, if you click on the “Articles” link.) It looked ok then, it looks fantastic now. I just wish they retained the cartoon drawing of the Pros Apologian team. (Or if they did, I can’t seem to find it.)






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