To Laugh or Not to Laugh

A recently posted video on Youtube has been the focus of attention lately. It’s about a group of doctors extracting a foreign object from the rectum of a known homosexual. It happened right in my own country the Philippines. (Mabuhay!) What caught the people’s attention was the way the doctors in the video were acting in an insensitive manner. The video shows the doctors and staff whooping and laughing as they did the procedure. (There were even reports that the doctors put the foreign object back into the patient’s rectum and pulled it out again so somebody could film the whole thing. The result being the same video uploaded on Youtube. Of course, this parenthetical statement is unverified and, I believe, would be impossible to verify.)

Be that as it may, the Philippine Star, one of our dailies, had a news item today entitled, “Youtube Scandal Victim Has Himself to Blame – Cebu Archdiocese.” As the title states, the victim in this whole real-life medico-drama has no one else to blame but himself, “because he engaged in homosexual acts.” Monsignor Achilles Dakay, the spokesman for the Archdiocese, said that the actions of the medical staff brings up the need to “look into the professionalism of those in the medical profession,” and that there should also be a “reassessment of their curriculum.” Pointers on morality, aside from mere ethics, should be imparted in the curriculum. According to Dakay, the actions of the medical staff doesn’t erase the fact that the victim himself did something wrong.

Please allow me to share a few thoughts regarding this whole mess-up.

As a Christian, I firmly believe that the Bible teaches homosexuality as abhorrent to God (i.e. a sin) and that homosexuals are under God’s judgment and wrath. This is not to say that homosexuality is the greatest of sins – murder is greater – but while not the greatest of sins, it is still sin, arguments of proponents of Christian homosexuality notwithstanding. (I say this primarily because I don’t want to be accused of misrepresenting homosexuality.) However, I believe there are bigger issues at stake here than the particular patient’s sexual orientation.

Second, I’m not sure but if I hear about somebody getting a foreign object up his rectum that I refrain from laughing too. I once stabbed myself with the pointed end of a pencil. (My hand still bears the scar of that incident.) It hurt, but after I got the thing out, I laughed at my own stupidity. Now what the guy did, he did to himself, intentionally. Oh alright, somebody may have done it to him, but I don’t think it was done under duress. He willfully and knowingly participated in acts that required putting something that huge up his rectum. Admittedly, getting something stuck up your rectum because of your own doing is funny. (Not that I’d do it to myself.) It’s funny like the story of the guy who accidentally shot himself in the foot.

However, if reports are to be believed, the way the medical center personnel acted mutated the whole thing from possibly funny to potentially disgusting. If they had laughed on their own (and yes, Congress still hasn’t taken away anyone’s right to laugh) in the privacy of their locker room, after the operation, then that’s it. However, some genius uploaded the video on the ‘net and now probably the whole world is laughing. If I were the patient, I’d squirm in embarrassment too. However, I still say it’s “potentially” disgusting because as far as I know, the identity of the patient wasn’t mentioned at all in the video.

Third, this speaks more about where society is going than it does about either the homosexual patient or the doctors. I’m talking about uploading just whatever you like on the ‘net for all to see, when not everything is for all to see. Nobody asked the patient what he thought about it. Nobody asked a superior what s/he thought about it. The person who did it just went and posted it. I’m beginning to think there’s no sense of decency anymore.

I’m not sure if this post will result in a wave of controversy, but who knows?


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