(Writing while listening to James White’s Tuesday Dividing Line.)

I’ve started a new series in my Tuesday evening Bible study. The series will focus on the classic Five Points of Calvinism. My goal for the series is to get my group to appreciate the Doctrines of Grace.  Getting to know the Doctrines of Grace is quite humbling, and I’m speaking from personal experience. It puts you in your proper place, as someone once said. When you start with God’s holiness, it makes you realize how truly depraved you are as a sinner, and makes you truly appreciate how gracious God really is.

Some objectives in the Bible study are:

  • It will affect your personal growth in Christ.
  • It will affect your dealing with your fellow believers – it’s really mind-boggling that God would put a sinner saved by grace into one body with other sinners saved by grace. It cuts your pride down, and cuts it down hard.
  • It will help a great deal in your evangelism. No more, “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life” evangelism.

There is always the danger of course, that more knowledge will lead to pride and non-acceptance of “those who don’t think like we do.” It is not my intent to fill my small group with mere head knowledge. It is my hope and prayer that all us who attend this Bible study will really get to grips with the reality of God’s grace and that this getting to grips will change us from the inside and lead to us to glorify God in all aspects of our lives – our thinking (where everything starts), our desires, and our actions.

Pray for us.


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