While M Is Away, D Is Lonely

My beloved M’s gone to the US (St. Louis, to be exact.) She’ll be there for three weeks as part of work-related business, then the fourth week visiting relatives in LA. This is probably the third (fourth?) time she had to go abroad.

Bit of trivia: She likes flying; I hate flying. I love boats; she hates boats. I wonder how we’ll go abroad on our (future) honeymoon?

Anyway, I started missing her the minute she called from the airport to say they were boarding in an hour’s time.

Four looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong weeks to go without my M.



2 thoughts on “While M Is Away, D Is Lonely”

  1. i don’t think you can go abroad on a boat… unless you’re going to taiwan and your starting point is in the batanes islands…

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