Tragedies All Around… A Call for Prayer

First, there was the tragedy in Myanmar. A cyclone hit and thousands upon thousands of people are affected. Thousands are dead. Many people are still missing. Basic resources are practically non-existent – water is contaminated, aid in the form of food and other commodities are being withheld by a godless junta. (Which begs the question: Is there really a godly government?) God be merciful.

Second, you have the China earthquake that has killed at least 10,000 people. As in the case above, I don’t envy the rescue workers who have to shift through all the debris. The thought of going through the devastation and encountering dozens of corpses in the hopes of rescuing survivors can lay heavy on the mind and heart.

This of course doesn’t minimize the tornadoes in the US, the rice crisis affecting a good part of Asia (and perhaps the world), as well as other tragedies.

Most of us can’t go to these places. The best we can do right now is call upon God to ease the suffering of the victims, to provide strength and wisdom to the rescuers as they do their work, to move the hearts of those who would hinder rescue and aid efforts.

Let us also pray that the glory of God will be revealed in and through these tragedies. Let us ask God to send missionaries (if there aren’t there already) to bring God’s word to the people there, whether rescuers or rescuees (I invented that last word). May God’s word, the Holy Scriptures, provide comfort for the oppressed and courage for the aid workers.

This morning, I found out somebody took a file from my office desk. Due to the file not being in my possession, I can’t work. And until I find that file, I won’t be able to finish my planned projects for the week. This morning, that seemed like a really big problem. Looking at the problems other people face – in Myanmar, in China, in Asia – my huge problem doesn’t seem that huge anymore, does it?

God is good.


One thought on “Tragedies All Around… A Call for Prayer”

  1. Incidentally, there was a tornado in St.Louis during the first day of our conference. Scary little things.

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