My Reasons to Smile

Several things happened these past few days that put a smile on my face.

  • My biggest source of happiness is my beloved M’s coming home after a whole month in the States. I misunderstood the schedule and thought she was coming home 10:30 Sunday morning (which meant I couldn’t meet her at the airport, as 10:30 is when we wrap up the morning worship service. Turns out that the plane’s arrival was 10:30 PM. (I still didn’t meet her at the airport.) In the month she was away, I’ve been perfecting her stuffed toy Ernie’s little parachute. I kitbashed an old Nokia phone strap (the one you hang around your neck) and strapped him in. All we need now is the schedule for the actual drop. She’s home now so it could be anytime soon.
  • Something that added to my happiness was the gift that M’s boss Dave gave. It was a five-disc DVD set of The Pink Panther, starring the late Peter Sellers. The set came with a bonus disc (that makes it six discs total) featuring several Pink Panther cartoon shorts. Panther fans will insist that there should be seven discs – the second (or is it third?) sequel, Return of the Pink Panther, was not included in the set due to copyright issues. Many consider Return to be one of the funnier installments. Nevertheless, even without it, the set is still a collector’s dream. Here’s on official word of appreciation from one Pink Panther fan to another – thank you very much, Dave! I will treasure this collection of stories involving the very funny officer of the “leuw.” (Note to readers: If you’re not a Pink Panther fan, that last sentence will just throw you.
  • I purchased a second-hand Palm TX recently, for a little more than half the price. A good deal. ‘Nuff said.
  • It’s raining in spurts. I don’t exactly know why that puts a smile on my face, but it does. Maybe because rain means cooler temperatures?
  • I’m scheduled to preach again this Sunday, Father’s Day.

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