This Little Piggie Went to TOYCON2008

The 2008 Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention was held last June 14 at the Megatrade Hall in SM Megamall. (…still can’t believe Megamall has its own entry in Wikipedia…) I was busy that day so I couldn’t be there for the opening ceremonies but I did go with my beloved M on the second and last day of the convention. There was still a big crowd, and from the talk around the convention area the crowd was even bigger the day before. (A lady in an adjacent store said that the wigs were out of stock due to the number of people who joined the cosplay [see below]). It was already the middle of the afternoon when we arrived, but there were still lots of things to see.

Cosplay. There were lots of people there involved in “costume play,” where you dress up as your

favorite movie, anime or comic book character, to varying degrees of success. Some were great, \others were ok, while others are… unprintable.  I had my picture taken with a Michael Keatonesque Batman and a Heath Ledger-like Joker character (see pictures). Sharing a smile with the Clown Prince of CrimeI really admire the two who played DC’s greatest hero-villain combo — despite the air conditioning, the air was humid because of the crowd and I was sweating like a, well, pig, but they were there (presumably the whole of two days) and they looked like they couldn’t feel the heat. 

Toys. Being a toy afficionado (Yes, I was deprived of good toys by my parents who thought food on the table was a better option for growing kids.) I found the collection of toys to be wonderful eye candy. The Dream ToyThere were Transformers toys, Marvel and DC Action Figures, and some anime figures from shows I can’t seem to recall. Some booths had exclusive releases and I went around with a “wish I had the money to buy the masterpiece Megatron figure” (see picture) look on my face. 

Beerkada. Had a chance to meet Lyndon Gregorio, creator of the Beerkada comics strip. He was very accommodating – he drew caricatures for all who bought his latest compilation, Beerkada BFF. My beloved M said that I was grinning from ear to ear after that. She also said I was acting like a groupie while talking with Lyndon — “I have all your Beerkada strip compilations!” Hm. I wonder how she would act if this were a Christian Bautista autograph signing. This was about the Lyndon Gregorio with yours truly holding the BFF book.time I felt hungry, since the Beerkada booth was quite near the Hungarian Sausage booth. I wasn’t the only one who felt hungry, I would presume.  

All in all, yours truly had a real good time. I’m sure M had a really good time, too. Several things I’ve learned from all this and I list them below in no particular order. 

1. Boys never really grow up. Even if they’re past forty and with kids of their own, they still drool over toys. Ever wondered where the phrase “Toys for the Big Boys” came from? It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about action figures or cars and SUVs – toys will be toys. Funny, while I was there, the men were dragging their significant others along. I didn’t see any ladies dragging their boyfriends or husbands around. 

2. Hungarian sausages are the best.

3. The Philippines is always behind when it comes to toy releases. (Feel free to correct my impression here if you know I’m wrong.) I was looking out for toys that have already been released in the US. Turns out there’s still a waiting period of several months. 

4. The next Batman movie will blow people away. 



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  1. My apologies for the somewhat erratic nature and layout of the pictures. I absolutely have no idea how it turned out the way it did.

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