After One Month…

I’m back. After a almost a month of no posting. I’m sure my millions of readers (yeah, sure — Ed.) must be wondering where I am right now. Here’s a rundown of just some of my activities that has kept me from blogging the past twenty-something days.

Marriage Preparations. That’s right. Yours truly is getting hitched to his beloved M –  a very lovely woman, one of the loveliest to ever walk God’s green earth. We’ve been together now for almost two years and God has blessed our relationship in ways I wouldn’t have imagined. I still remember the unique way she told me she reciprocated my feelings for her – I was about to preach a sermon on that Sunday morning and the little Post It she (secretly) left in my Bible made me drop all my sermon notes and other nicknacks I had inserted in my copy of the Holy Scriptures. I was very happy that Sunday, and it had nothing to do with the sermon!

We’re getting married this December, and we’ve only started planning last June so, based on the widely believed one year marriage preparation requirement, we have lots of catching up to do. The fact that this lovely woman is willing to spend her life with me constantly makes me dizzy with glee. I’m truly blessed.

Preparations wise, we have made down payments for the reception venue, photographer, florist, make-up artist, and couturier. (Have I forgotten anything, M?)

Youth Ministry. Our church has planned several events for the next couple of months and, of course, preparations keep everyone on their toes. We have a Music Worship Seminar this August 17, and a Music Rally on the 23rd. We have five churches and two schools involved in the rally so logistics-wise, this is not something to sneeze at. 

Health. Used to be that July, August and September were the months when I had to watch where (not what) I eat. I used to have stomach discomfort after eating a meal outside during these months. It’s not as bad now as it was then, but it still limits my activities. And no, I don’t know what causes it. The doctors don’t know either. 

On different note, I still walk with a cane. My pelvic region and upper left leg still smarts when I: walk too far, sit too long or stand too still. The cane is a big help as it eases the pain somewhat and helps me gain sympathy from strangers. Watch an episode of Dr. House MD and you’ll get a picture of how I walk. 

See you in a few…




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