Two Things

“Why so serious?”

There’s a very interesting discussion over at this blog regarding a post entitled, The World’s Disappointing Stimulants. The original writer expressed disappointment over the latest Batman movie.  I’ve read the comments thread on both the original poster’s blog, and on the blog I link to. There were those who enjoyed the movie and said that the character portrayals (especially by the late Heath Ledger) were very moving. Others on the other hand, commented that the movie was a total waste of their time. One even said “he prayed all the way home from the movie.”

I gathered from the comments that some were expecting a Christian manifesto whenever they see a movie. 

Question: How much Christianity should we read into a movie? I believe there are people out there who view a movie try so desperately hard to inject Christ in there somewhere. This is where we get “Lessons About Christ from Harry Potter” kind of Bible studies and sermons. Second question: How much Christianity should we expect from a movie? This is what I find bothersome about some of the people who left comments – they expect movies (secular ones) to “compete with the Bible and give us Christ.” Third question: Do we even bother?


I’m going to leave this thread hanging, but I’ll get back to it.

On a different note, please look at some pictures to be included in the ESV Study Bible. It makes me look forward to getting one. If you go over to their website, you can see other pictures they’ve put up. But don’t just satisfy your curiosity with the pictures. There’s lots more you can peruse as you struggle with yourself whether or not to give in to your inner child and get a copy of the ESV Study Bible.

(Joker laugh being heard in the background…)


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