The OC

(Typed while listening to Al Mohler’s program)

Last Saturday, my beloved M and I went to our agreed-upon wedding cake supplier to place a down payment for our cake. We’ve already been there twice (was it?) before, but still we spent a good amount of time going through their photo album. We were looking at the different designs even though we already had a certain idea of what the cake would look like – yea high, all edible, etc. 

Instead of just pointing at the pictures and saying, “I want that… I don’t like that… Change the color on this…” I took it upon myself to give way to my so-called obsessive-compulsive nature. (Frankly, I have no idea where people get the notion that I am OC.) 

I took a pen (my pen actually, since I always carry a pen with me – I feel naked without my pen) and drew the cake on a piece of paper the supplier lent me. My beloved M commented that I took particular pains to make sure the ellipses were perfect. I took several sneak peeks at my watch while I was sketching (I always make sure I wear a watch; I feel naked without my watch) to make sure I don’t spend too much time. In the end though, I came up with a very good sketch of a cake. (My architectural training probably had something to do with it.) 

Why did I do that? I did it because I didn’t want to get into any misunderstanding with the supplier. Including all necessary details in the sketch means that there will be less chances of making a mistake. I’m glad I did it when I saw the form the lady at the cake store gave me to fill out. It had a little square where customers are supposed to put their cake details in. 

I don’t think all my details would have fit in that box.

Just rambling.


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