The Week Before Lord’s Day 083108

Where do I begin?

Mondays are my day off. I goofed off last Monday.

After goofing off, I finalized the wedding invite for my beloved M to check. We saved (are saving?) a great deal of money by deciding to print the invitations on our own. Although it does have its (very minor) disadvantages, like not having a professional do it (having it done by professionals carries with it a certain amount of insurance), we found that the pros outweigh the cons so much it’s like there’s no contest. Aside from the savings, there’s the personalized aspect of the whole thing; we can say that it was a definite labor of love.  

We had pizza on our regular Bible study last Tuesday night. Topics were varied, as I usually reserve the last Tuesday of the month as “open topic Tuesdays.” That means, instead of following our scheduled Bible study topic (“The Glory of God in Salvation”) my study group gets to ask questions about anything. The question could be personal (which is often the case), social, or theological. The pizza sort of opens people up and the discussion that follows is quite lively.

Wednesday, I finally read my latest copy of Final Crisis. Had it for weeks but this was the only time I had enough time to actually open it and read Final Crisis # 3. Wish I had a copy of Batman RIP. 

Thursday… Practiced for my presiding this coming Sunday. People say I’ve improved on my Chinese. That says a lot. Soli Deo Gloria!

Friday. Prepared for the joint fellowship that night in our church. Nothing much happened after that. 

Today, Saturday, spent my whole day with beloved M buying some more for-our-wedding stuff at Divisoria. I really hate the place. Hate it with a passion. I know the reason people go there – everything is at bargain basement prices – but I’ve been put off by it’s smell (stinks), crowds (think human beings as sardines in a can), traffic (there are times when an old lady walking is faster than the car beside her), and general confusion that seems to be a trademark of the place. I have to admit though that I am enjoying the little excursions with my beloved M – she’s the reason why Divisoria is bearable. Take M away from the equation and forget it. I’m not stepping in that cesspool place again. (I know I’m being hard on the place… can’t be helped.) 

Through it all, God is good.


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