Random Thoughts on Various Subjects

Some random thoughts from things I found around the internet:

It seems McCain’s choosing of Sarah Palin as VP isn’t sitting well with some people. On one hand, conservatives are happy with the choice of a pro-lifer as VP, while others think the choice of a woman is demeaning to other women. I’m not really sure how that last one came about – it seems ironic that the choice of a woman would be anything but demeaning for other women. Or is it because it’s this particular woman? 

Some Chinese don’t know what a fortune cookie is. I’m not sure how that is relevant in the grand scheme of things, but… Kinda reminds me of Christians who don’t really know what the Bible is, beyond the fact that it’s a book. 

Mark Driscoll excellently brings out the problem with The Shack. You can view the video in part here, but be warned: Some of the comments are downright… erm, nutty. (I have other words to describe them, but my beloved M doesn’t like it when I use colorful language.) 

Still want an iPhone? Like McCain’s choice for VP, the soon-to-be ubiquitous gadget has its share of people who love it and people who hate it.  (I enjoy reading Christopher Null on tech.yahoo, by the way. That’s where the link goes to.)

The best looking (so far) Ninja Turtles toys on the market. I have a set of the older versions of TMNT. I still buy little knickknacks for them. Cute toys. Their appeal may seem to fade but they never really go away. 



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