Yep, two.

That’s how long my beloved M and I have been a pair. And Wednesday we celebrated seven hundred thirty days of togetherness.

Side note. For those interested, people here celebrate we-started-as-a-couple times in a variety of ways, aside from the regular anniversary. You have weeksaries, when you celebrate weekly the particular day of the week you started as a couple (e.g., Thursdays). Then you have monthsaries, or the particular day of the month you became a couple (i.e., if you began as a couple on the thirteenth of July, you celebrate on August 13th, September 13th, ad infinitum, or until you break up, whichever comes first). 

Our plan was to go around the University of the Philippines Diliman Campus and find good places for our prenup pictures. We’d have lunch together after we’ve found a place satisfactory to both of us. But because yours truly got hungry earlier, we had to swap the two activities around and we ended up having an early lunch. The tour around UP was done in the rain. Really heavy rain. The kind that drenches you to the skin. If you didn’t have an umbrella. 

Heavy rain aside, the lunch was great. We had lunch in one of my favorite places – Chateau Verde. They didn’t have our first choices so we had a shrimp dish (hers) and a chicken-ham dish (mine). The owner of the place was there and she thanked us for braving the rain and eating at her place. M shared a few jokes and “UP things” (the kind of thing that, if you’re not from UP, you can’t really know or understand) with her. 


A very big thank you to our Lord for two wonderful, encouraing, humbling, sometimes irrational, often mystifying, always amazing years with beloved M. (Deo volente, we will be celebrating our third anniversary next year as H&W.)  

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