Everybody (Seems To Be) Doing It

I’m talking of sermon notes. Mark Driscoll has ’em, shown here. Others have them as well.

I try to be different. Instead of showing you a copy of my preaching notes, I’ll show a page from my ESV Bible instead. The magnifying glass was Photoshopped, (TM) or (R) whatever the case may be, on the scanned picture. My Bible is more than five years old — it’s copyright year is 2002 — and it shows. 

Notice the highlighted passages, the pencil notes unashamedly written on the margins, the wrinkled and misaligned pages (indicative of a deteriorating binding). There’s also a mini-gallery of sorts on the inside front and back covers, with little pictures and quotes from great heroes of the Reformation (e.g. Calvin). There are also about two dozen Post-Its, again (TM) or (R) whatever the case may be, and little printed notes all over the place. There’s even a note detailing how to make the perfect gravy. I’m not exactly sure I remember why I put it there, but it’s there.


Let's open to Matthew Chapter 5

Say what you will about my Bible, I love it. It’s the one in my collection (I think I have about seven different Bibles!) that I use the most.


And because my beloved M knows how much I love my Bible, she bought me a unique (love ya, M!) Bible cover for it – the kind you don’t get in a regular Bible bookstore. The cover I have is made by Renaissance Art. You can view their selections here



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