Monday “Rant”

Something off the top of my head…

In anticipation of my beloved M’s moving in after our wedding in forty-odd days, workers have this morning started the renovation of my house apartment unit. The renovation consists mostly of taking out certain things and replacing them with bigger versions of themselves.  I’m looking at the plans and there are many new shelves and storage space to be installed, in addition to the replacements. This morning, the workers demolished the entire closet in my room, as well the kitchen cabinets, since the old closet and cabinets were too small for a married couple to use.  And as I’m typing this, they’re banging away on the walls — the new closets need new dowels and the facings need to be squared. Yes, some of the walls in my place aren’t square.

Prior to their starting the renovation, I had to move some a lot of my things around. My computer, formerly in my bedroom, is now in the living room. All my clothes are in boxes and plastic bags. All my collectibles are in bigger boxes.

So, why the rant? The more they remove things (like panels and studs and stuff) the more I realize that this house wasn’t exactly built right. Evidences of cutting corners can be found, and there are many of them. When the workers pried off the kitchen cabinets, the marble finish on the kitchen counter fell away too.  Not all of it–there’s still a sunstantial piece sticking on there–but enought to cause concern. What if my beloved M were washing the dishes one night, and the marble slab just falls on her foot? Couldn’t live with myself if that were to happen.

Now, since the guy who built this place is dead, and the plans for this place are relatively non-existent, it would be pointless to assign blame.

I know what some of you are thinking: I should be thankful that I still have a place to stay in. “Count your blessings,” and all that.  Yes I am thankful that I have a place to stay. I’m thankful everyday. (Ugh. I rhymed.) And as far as places go, this isn’t that bad. I’ve been in worse. In fact, it’s good. Not excellent. Not perfect. Just good. And the circumstances behind me getting this place is also one for the record books of theology, so I’m limited in my complaints.

That doesn’t mean though, that I should turn a blind eye to all the little problems I find. Especially when the little problems have the potential to grow into huge problems.  What’s annoying is that if this keeps up, fixing the little annoyances will eat into the budget that I’ve set for the renovations.

Important lesson: “All beginnings should be done right.” Somebody said that somewhere, I just don’t remember where and when.  The point is, when you’re starting something, make sure that you’re doing things right. Whether it’s building a new house, or starting a new life together as husband and wife, or even starting a new job. Get it right.

Please note that it doesn’t say, get it perfect. Perfect’s impossible. Just do it. And do it right. And don’t cut corners.



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