Something to Look Forward to Next Year

(…that is, if my beloved M approves.)

The new Star Trek movie is scheduled to come out May next year (being pushed down from the originally planned December 2008 release.

The new movie (is it the eleventh in franchise?) has all new actors playing the familiar characters of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, Chekov and Uhura. From stills available on the ‘net, Kirk is still a cadet in the story, which apparently tells how the characters we love first met. This would go against the established canon, that says Kirk was already a lieutenant (at least) prior to taking the captaincy of the Enterprise. 

The writer of the movie’s story line, Robert Orci, also wrote for Michael Bay’s Transformers. (Just for the record, he killed off my favorite character in that film, after first making him absolutely useless and pointless as a character. Unforgivable.) However (and since I’m in my “It’s only a movie, for pete’s sake” mode of mentality at the moment), I’ll let that pass and just say how excited I am that Orci (and Kurtzmann) were put in charge of Star Trek’s latest entry in the movie line. There will be other familiar faces involved in the production–Winona Ryder and Leonard Nimoy to name a couple. 

Other reasons why I’m excited about the movie:


  • The teaser trailer (can be viewed via Youtube or through the link above)
  • JJ Abrams is co-producing (he’s not let me down yet)
  • The teaser trailer
  • The pictures posted on the net showing the “new” Enterprise bridge 
  • The teaser trailer
  • Somebody else besides Shatner to play Kirk (“KHAAAAAAAN!”) 
  • Did I mention I really like the teaser trailer?



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