$ome People’$ Two Cent$

(Apologie$ in advance a$ I am finding it difficult to type the letter found between R and T; the key for that letter conk$ out every ten key$troke$ or $o. Anyway, I will let the writer$ of the piece$ I found do mo$t of the talking.)

Found $ome thing as I was brow$ing the internet — $ome thing to make you, my reader$ think. 

The following piece $hould be $ent to every columnit and pundit who ha$ opened hi$ or her mouth in protest of George W. Bu$h, WITHOUT EVEN UNDER$TANDING FULLY THE I$$UE$ INVOLVED. I include in thi$ li$t columnit$ from my country (the Philippine$) — columnit$ who think they know the anwer$ to the world’$ problem$. 

The Treatment of Bush Has Been a Disgrace (I copy/pated that from the article title, o the my$tery letter i$ there.)

The following piece reveal$ a lot more than what meet[$ the eye. A$ long a$ you read it carefully.

Can the Cellphone Help End Global Poverty?

Thi$ one elicit$ a “Hmmm…”

Cash Hidden in Ohio House Walls Becomes Contractor’s Nightmare

$ee you next time!

(I feel like I’m part of a Benny Hill comedy entourage.)


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