Twenty-three Days and Counting…

construction_1Blogger’s note: This post was initiated last November 22. Things have been quite hectic since then.  I’m going back to it now that I have more time to do so. (Additionals to the originally conceived post are in parentheses and italicized.)  Apologies in advance. 


As I have mentioned in an earlier post, my residence is being renovated in anticipation of my upcoming wedding to my beloved M.  The house is now covered in thick layers of dust, despite the fact that there is not much construction work being done. (Now that the work is 98.75% finished, there is still a lot of dust, still seemingly from nowhere.)  Let me rephrase that–while the items on the list of things to do are not that many, the work is still extensive and quite laborious. Couple the fact that I have been living in that residence prior to the start of construction; the amount time it takes to move that many things back and forth is nothing to sneeze at. (That last remark makes me smirk, since the amount of sneezing in this place has tripled since the renovation began.)

A quick list of the things being renovated, and side items affected by the renovation are as follows:

  1. A new cabinet in the (soon-to-be) master bedroom. Affected are the ceiling (since it’s showing signs of wear and leaks) and the adjoining walls (which need to be repainted).
  2. A new set of cabinets in the kitchen, the construction of which is also affecting the plumbing. That means new piping for the water line and a new drain.
  3. A new window in the (soon-to-be) laundry room, which will also double as the maid’s quarters, should M and I ever decide on hiring a maid.
  4. New shelves for my work area, which used to be the area where we placed the TV. The TV will go inside the master bedroom as part of the closet arrangement.
  5. A frame for our (soon to be bought) king-sized mattress.

As you can see, there are only four major items on the work list. 


As of last Wednesday, I’ve purchased the mattress and a dining table for six. 

I’m officially broke =)


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