Love and Marriage, Love and Marriage

For my loyal readers who may have an inkling of what’s been going on for the past weeks…

The deed is done. The vows have been exchanged, the contracts have been signed, the union has been declared. 

Last December 13, my beloved M and I became man and wife. After six months of planning, lots of headaches and arguments about which goes where and who buys what, and where to spend our honeymoon (and getting over my erm… aversion to flying), we tied the knot in a not-so-simple ceremony officiated by a pastor-friend. 

Looking back, what made the event extra special were the “bloopers” that we encountered:

  • We planned a bubble shower for our kiss, but only one of the bubble guns worked. I must have looked funny in the photo, waiting for a shower of bubbles that never fully came.
  • We instructed the flower girls to sprinkle lots and lots of petals on the aisle in anticipation of M’s entrance, but due to some miscommunication among the different parties, the flower girls dropped petals one by one, resulting in very few flowers. 
  • The video presentation that never happened because my hardware refused to talk to my software.
  • And lots of other little tidbits that I’ll save for the future.

M and I had our honeymoon in Davao. We stayed at the elegant Marco Polo Hotel and at the beautiful Pearl Farm Resort. I’ll post pictures we took in a future post.

Ah, bliss!


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