Chhong-Se-Ki Dept.

Had a satisfying Sunday morning yesterday. Heard two (somewhat) similar sermons from the same pastor/preacher. (I heard more of the second, since I translated for the speaker during the first service.) He focused on the unfaithfulness of man’s heart, and preached from Jeremiah 17 and Matthew 15.

The preaching, if I may compare it to food, would be what I would consider a square meal–simple so that it’s easily digested and at the same time deep, so that it leaves you pondering its application(s) for your life. Galaxies away from the exerpts in my previous post.

Something that stuck in my head: Early in Jeremiah 17, the prophet talks about the children remembering the altars and idols that their parents built. That means that the children were indoctrinated in the sins of their fathers from a very early age. The parents were guilty of compounding the sin nature already found in their children. Heavy.

Praise God for his grace, revealed in Christ, that completely saves us from our bodies of sin. 


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