Love and Marriage, Love and Marriage Dept. (Part 1.2224x)

As most of my dear readers know, my beloved M and I got hitched last December 13. Now, over two months after that blissful day, we’ve finally finished Phase One of our “Do the pictures already!” task. That’s the phase where you gather all the pictures (in this case, wait for the photographer to send them to you) then sort through the hundreds and hundreds of shots for the interesting ones. Phase Two would be narrowing down the previous choices to about two hundred, which the photographer will arrange into the album. For the record, M and I enjoyed looking through the photos and our two photographers, Kix and Ging, really did an excellent job capturing the event.

From the hundreds we chose, I really like this one. This was taken during the cake cutting ceremony, immediately after the cake was sliced and my M’s feeding me some of the delicious cake.  The picture doesn’t show it much, but the figures on the cake were supposed to be representations of us: smaller scale figures with even smaller scale figures, etc. (Hope that makes sense.)  M forgot that she wasn’t supposed to be wearing glasses.

Here comes the train...Choo-choo!
Here comes the train…Choo-choo!

I will post more pictures as soon as I’ve edited them.



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