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I am no opponent of singing, we are to sing God’s praises in songs and hymns and spiritual song. Yes, but again there is a sense of proportion even here. Have you not noticed how singing is becoming more and more prominent? People, Christian people, meet together to sing only. ‘Oh,’ they say, ‘we do get a word in.’ But the singing is the big thing. At a time like this, at an appalling time like this, with crime and violence, and sin, and perversions, God’s name desecrated and the sanctities being spat upon, the whole state of the world surely says that this is not a time for singing, this is a time for preaching. I am reminded of the words of Wordsworth about Milton, ‘Plain living, and high thinking are no more.’ It is almost true of us to say plain speaking and high thinking are no more. We are just singing. We are wafting ourselves into some happy atmosphere. We sing together. My dear friends, this is no time for singing. ‘How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?'(Psalm 137:4). How can we take down our harps when Zion is as she is?

This is no time for singing, it is a time for thinking, for preaching, for conviction. It is a time for proclaiming the message of God and His wrath upon evil, and all our foolish aberrations. The time for singing will come later. Let the great revival come, let the windows of heaven be open, let us see men and women by the thousands brought into the Kingdom of God, and then it will be time to sing. (Revival, 63) – Martyn Lloyd-Jones


“With all the hokey songs coming out and that people mistake for good theology, I wish we could chuck the whole music thing altogether.”

I do recognize my last sentence for what it is however: the words from someone who isn’t that partial to music. Getting rid of music because bad music exists is neither fair nor considerate of others. It would also alienate brothers and sisters who love to sing.  MLJ helps us see things in the proper perspective–we should put singing in its proper place. Let us sing to God because we have praise in our hearts for what God has done for us in Christ Jesus. Let us sing praises because he has given us new life.  Not because we just want to “waft ourselves into some happy atmosphere,” or to “set the mood in worship.”



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