Today Is the Last Day…

…of my life as a thirty-seven-year-old.

Yes, that’s right. Tomorrow, or should I say at twelve midnight tonight, I will be thirty-eight years old. Out of the calendar, but still definitely in the thermometer, if you know what I mean. 

For the bean counters out there: That translates to 13,880 days (counting today), or 832,800 minutes, or 49,968,000 seconds in the life (s0 far) of one of God’s most creations, the indomitable curmudgeon that is me.

Two more years, and I’ll be forty. Good grief!

In the past thirty seven years:

  • I’ve moved residences at least five times. Not too much of an issue for others, but very moving for me (no pun intended) as I definitely dislike packing stuff and going somewhere else to live. 
  • Studied in four different schools. I liked my first school, felt so-so in the second (See, M, it still doesn’t have a website. That’s why I felt it was so-so.), kinda liked the third and enjoyed the fourth.
  • Had more teachers than I can count. Some were excellent teachers (my high school principal also doubled as English teacher and she was the best grammar teacher I ever had), some were good (more than good actually–these were the ones who patiently continued teaching even in the face of no hope) and some were…well, some should never have stood in front of a class. I had one particular teacher in sixth grade who prounouced slaughter as [slaf-ter]. If you don’t think that’s funny, say it out loud in front of an audience. What makes it terrible was that it was mispronounced by a poor excuse for an English teacher, no less. 
  • I’ve bought more Bibles than I know what to do with. (Grimace)
  • Not been a very good son for a good part of those thirty-seven years. (Ask my mom. Don’t ask my dad.)
  • Studied/joined almost all the major religions, even ending up as an atheist at one time, right before college.
  • Enjoyed (and still do) Jack & Jill’s Potato Chips. Wikipedia describes it as “a potato chip.” D-oh. Anyway, it’s been my staple junk food snack for all time and it’s made by this company



16 thoughts on “Today Is the Last Day…”

  1. Hi Sir Dennis,

    Happy Birthday to you! Marion gave me the link to your Blog. How’s the domestic life so far? I hope you and Marion are having the time of your life togther.

    My time is coming soon so hope to see you both….

  2. Dennis ni Marion!! Happy Birthday!!

    Ang cute naman nitong word: “curmudgeon”.. ma-google nga…


    1. PS: wahahahaha! ito yung unang lumabas sa google:

      a crusty irascible cantankerous old person full of stubborn ideas

      tsktsk, pati definition, complicated…

  3. The heart that loves
    is always young;

    The heart that serves
    is always happy;


    The heart that cares
    is always strong.

    Stay Young,




    Happy Birthday!

  4. ah, yeah. Good thing Achi Marion reminded me. Happy birthday! And please do remind me of the NLEX fair “change” that I kept on forgetting to give you back since summer camp. God bless!

  5. Hi Pastor D,

    Happy birthday…. So we both belong to the swine family, who is giving a hell of a problem to WHO (world health organization)….

    Hey, when is our next badminton sked?

    Enjoy your day with Mrs. M.

    See you soon,
    Julie P.

  6. Scratch that, it should be “fare change”. Anyhow, happy birthday again. I feel like typing all day!

  7. hi ahia dennis,

    happy happy birthday!:D

    thought of putting in several multi-syllabillic (is there even such a word?) words but my brain isn’t functioning well today. hahahaha.

    enjoy your day!…errr… afternoon – night.:D

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DENNIS! Remember age is not a number, it’s how you feel and see your life. I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating with those who care about you. Sending warm wishes, Deana

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