A Warm Thanks

Yesterday I spent half of my birthday at the Philippine Airlines Office getting our tickets for Hong Kong. M and I are planning a getaway in July and we felt that the “super discounted” prices posted by PAL would be worth it. (This from someone who despises flying in floating sardine cans people call airplanes.) Air fares were posted at half-price,  and you only had two days to log on and order online. M and I thought we should grab the deal. Unfortunately, so did hundreds of other people.

I went to the PAL offices in Cubao at eight a.m., a full half hour before they opened. I left with the tickets a little before two p.m. There were more than a hundred people ahead of me when I got there (they were in a line that snaked past several neighboring establishments) and there were several hundred people still waiting when I left. Why were there so many people? It turns out that PAL didn’t expect such a huge response to their cut-price promo; their computers got so bogged down that there was a backlog in the confirmation, etc. in the tickets purchasing. Most of the people who were there had their names confirmed online (like I had) but their payments were either rejected or not processed online. This should teach PAL a lesson in boy-scout preparedness.

So the morning of my birthday, I was tired and annoyed. I was also hungry. It was one of those times when I wish I had bought a book to pass the time. Even coming out of the offices with the tickets didn’t make me feel better by much.

All that changed when I got back to home and saw all the comments to my previous post. Thanks to everyone who made me feel better through their greetings! For everyone’s information, I was happy (in a curmudgeonly way) towards the end of the day. (By the way, Dianne: The description does fit, right? Except for the “old” part.)

That’s Word Power in a whole new way!



One thought on “A Warm Thanks”

  1. note that the first half of dinner was spent talking about the PAL promo. 13 people having different comments and experiences, and only grandma was concentrating on her food. =) dinner was really fun though. we should do that again on your 40th birthday. =)

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