The Reforming Man

Just finished the first day of a two-day seminar entitled The Reforming Man, with guest speaker Dr. Joel Beeke. If the first day is any indication, the second day would be just as uplifting and edifying. Dr. Beeke talked on reforming the whole man, a topic he divided into three major areas–reforming the mind, reforming the heart, and reforming the hand. The three major sessions came after a not-quite-lengthy-but-detailed-enough explanation on the history of the Reformed Faith.

In a nutshell, reforming the mind, the heart, and the hand–what we know (mind) about God affects what we desire (heart), and our affections, in turn, determine our actions (hand). Dr. Beeke explained that this is what the whole Reformation is all about.God gives us new life in Christ so that our whole person (not just our minds or hearts) are affected and effected to give glory to God.

Some observations and nitpicks (with the understanding that the organizers did their very best):

  • It was a bummer to know that, although I pre-registered and paid the fee, my name was not in the registry. This is the second time something like this happened and it really is irritating. To have to go chase after people to confirm being registered, instead of just checking your name and heading to your seat, is really a waste of time.
  • Lunch was crowded, as usual in conferences of this sort.
  • Sound system was hit and miss.
  • The air-conditioning was hit and miss as well. I understand that the organizers borrowed the place from a local church, so this is probably something that church needs to look into. Or maybe it was just exceptionally hot yesterday.
  • The way the Q&A was handled was not quite satisfactory. There were three microphones placed at different points along the middle aisle and people would just try to beat each other for the opportunity to ask a question. Perhaps one microphone would have sufficed and questioners could just line up or wait their turn to ask.

Now the good points.

  • The whole day was very edifying. Dr. Beeke obviously knew what he was talking about and he came across as someone who practiced exactly what he preached.
  • I got to talk to him during one of the breaks and we discussed a little about his seminary.
  • The complaint about the Q&A process aside, some good questions were asked.

More after the second day of the conference. To the Batmobile! (Or maybe I should shout: To Wednesday!)



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