What Should Have Been But Wasn’t Dept.

Was supposed to report the second day of the Reforming Man Conference, but something happened to change my schedule for the day. My grandmother complained of not eating and having difficulty breathing (not necessarily in that order) and had to be rushed to the doctor. Being the traditional Chinese that she is, she refused to see a Western doctor and instead insisted on a Chinese herbal maestro, or what you would call a traditional Chinese doctor. 

The Chinese doctor listened to her complain of her symptoms and immediately prescribed some medicine, which included a set of tablets for high blood pressure. (The doctor could have done more but my grandmother was too concerned over her not eating.)

The trip to the doctor took up most of the afternoon and even if I had rushed back to the conference, I wouldn’t have made it to the 5 o’clock conclusion. 

I spent the remainder of the afternoon feeling rather bad that I missed a conference I had been anticipating for quite some time, but there are things more important in life–grandmothers are one of them.

That night I found my grandmother sprawled half on  and half off the bed (her legs were dangling on the edge).  She had gone to the bathroom and apparantly didn’t have enough strength to climb back fully to bed. She was having trouble breathing (this was the worst up to that point), and wasn’t responsive. She was cold to the touch and her diaphragm was making odd jerky movements with each breath. M and I immediately called an ambulance and had her brought over to the emergency room (something I would have preferred were it not for my grandmother’s ultra-nationalistic tendencies). 

Grandma was diagnosed with fluid in her lungs, which would explain why she felt better when she was sitting compared to lying down. She also had an enlarged heart. She was in the hospital for four days. She was discharged this morning but she still needs medication to control her body fluids. She can’t have too much or her lungs will flood again. She’s staying with my aunt now, and then will move in with my mom and dad in a few days. We’re all expecting a full recovery.

Like I said, some things are more important than conferences. 



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