“I Don’t Know What to Make of This” Dept.


Tyler Frost got himself suspended because he attended his girlfriend’s prom, despite being warned by his principal regarding the matter.  According to the story,

“During an interview with Harry Smith, Frost explained that his private Christian school does have a contract stipulating “no dancing.” However, he didn’t believe it should include dancing outside of school. So, despite a stiff warning from his principal, he went to his girlfriend’s prom at another school. He has since been suspended and won’t be allowed to take his final exams on time or graduate with the rest of his class.”

Not only has Frost been suspended, he will miss his exams, and thus will miss graduation as well.  The story ends with his stepfather hinting at suing the school (and maybe the principal in particular).

There are several things that bother me about the story:

  • How come nobody ascertained whether or not the “no dancing” stipulation “included dancing outside of school?” Probably a no-brainer for some people, but it’s little details like this that often get overlooked. 
  • Is dancing in a prom really grounds for suspension? For the record, I am not a fundamentalist Baptist; I do not go around proclaiming that dancing and movies are “tools of the devil.” I’m just curious about the school’s attitude towards dancing, something the story didn’t pick up on.
  • Apropos above: Isn’t suspension rather harsh in this case? Have him clean the toilets, by hand, for crying out loud! In the words of Yosemite Sam: “That’ll learn ya!”
  • Frost says it’s “worth it” that he went to the prom with his girlfriend. I’m thinking he’s going to say something different when the consequences of what he’s done becomes clear to him. Granted, I’m not saying he’s wrong or what he did was wrong. All I’m saying is he’s saying it’s worth it because it’s brought him all this attention. If his stepfather’s suit against the school loses, and his chances of taking the exam and graduating are slimmer than they are now, he might be singing a different tune. 
  • Why do people still think with lawsuits?



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