The New Enterprise

After enjoying the romp that is the new Star Trek movie, one of the things that kept bugging me (yup, bugging) was exactly how big the ship really was. 

I had the strange feeling from watching the Star Trek teaser trailer (the one with JFK’s voice over) that the ship was bigger than the original enterprise. It was just a feeling though, and I couldn’t determine how bigger exactly. 

See picture here.

Then there were the interior scenes of the Enterprise itself (i.e. when Kirk and Scotty get trasported in, and during the last few battle scenes) where all one can see are pipes, more pipes and still more pipes. Just how big is this ship anyway?

I am happy to say that Gizmodo has a page that explains the new Enterprise’s size. It’s, in a word, amazing. Based on their graphic, JJ Abrams’s Enterprise is a little over twice the size of Roddenberry’s Enterprise. Roddenberry’s Enterprise (designed by Matt Jeffries) is 288.6 meters long or a little less than 950 ft. The refit Enterprise (ST:TMP) is 305 meters long. Abrams’s new starship incarnation (can it be called that?) is a whopping 725.35 meters long. 

Here’s the link.

Also, another link with more ships and size details.


An afterthought: As much as I liked the new movie, I’m not exactly sure if I like the way they made such a big change (pun very much intended) to the ship. I don’t mind the cosmetics like the shape of the nacelles, and all the different elements on the exterior of the ship (ala NX-01).

Then again I’m not exactly sure I dislike the change in size. I’ve always thought that Jeffries’s Enterprise was small and flimsy, especially that scrawny connecting dorsal (the neck).  They sturdied up the neck design in ST:TMP, but not by much. Harriman’s Enterprise B has what I believe to be the most structurally stable neck design, but I digress…


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