The Hong Kong Adventure (Day 0)

My beloved M and I spent four wonderful days in Hong Kong last July. This was a long overdue vacation for my wife and I, and we made the most out of it. We got the tickets as early as April (which was an adventure in itself), and right smack on my birthday, too!

IMG_1987We chose the third week in July for our trip. (Most of our church activities took place after the first Sunday of July and there is usually a lull of activities till about the middle of August.)

It was my first time to go to Hong Kong (second for my beloved M). Needless to say, I was a bit more worried about riding the plane than anything else–I mentioned elsewhere how terrified I am (was) of planes. The picture to left shows me and M doing the “Korean thing” as we waited to board the plane to Hong Kong. (I’m still not sure why we’re not looking directly at the camera.) I really love that hat!

Instead of chronicling everything in one post, I’ve decided to split the story into four posts for easy reading.

Next: The Hong Kong Adventure (Day 1)


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