The Hong Kong Adventure (Day 1)

July 22.

My beloved M and I stepped out of Chek Lap Kok Airport around ten in the morning (time of arrival was ~ 9:30), officially starting our HK vacation. Some friendly guys from mainland China were looking at a map of HK and they happily pointed out to me all the spots I should go to.

We road the A21 bus to Dragon Hostel in Mongkok. (Google it for pics.) Incidentally, I’ve never felt this before and I hope never to feel it again, but we literally looked like tourists–luggage, camera, confused look while searching for a particular place, people knowing you’re foreigners and gawking at you–you know what I’m talking about.

After storing our luggage, we decided to have lunch at Café de Coral, which was near the hostel. The Coral restaurant, which was located in a basement, shared space with Spaghetti House and KFC. The food was good, the ambiance was very HK–loud people and everything.

We had a quick nap after lunch, then headed off to the Hong Kong Science and the Historical Museums. The two museums are only a stone’s throw from each other, although being July, and classes not being formally opened yet, both institutions were packed with kids and parents. My Nikes broke during the tour, though I didn’t notice them until we got back to the hostel.

The science museum was more activity oriented and “colorful.” I guess they planned things for kids to enjoy. The historical museum was very informative and I preferred this one over its science counterpart.

Dinner was with some of M’s friends over at UCC Cafe.

Prior to dinner, we ran (literally) all over the place trying to look for the scenic Victoria Harbour Light Show, which was touted the “World’s Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show” by Guinness World Records. We found the place with seconds to spare. I’m not sure if there was a glitch in the program presentation, or if we were at the wrong place, but this was very disappointing to us. (You can see this light show on Youtube: just type the necessary information in the search box.)

A few observations:

  • HK is fast, and I mean that literally. People are fast–they talk fast, they walk fast, they eat fast–and they really go places. You have the distinct feeling that they’re always late for something. Even the escalators were fast! M found out the hard way.
  • HK is efficient. The buses are almost always on time. Same with the MTR subway, and almost everything else. Coming from the Philippines where everything is not as efficient (but we’re improving, mind you) it was like living in another planet. My first words to M upon getting off the bus was: “I’m going to live here!”
  • This wasn’t quite apparent given the above observation, but HK is crowded. You bump into people more often than you want. Oh well. Still, when everything else is fast and efficient, who’s going to complain.

Next: The Hong Kong Adventure (Day 2)


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