The Hong Kong Adventure (Day 2)

July 23 (Thursday)

Our first breakfast together in Hong Kong was at a local McDonald’s. We met a Korean-American named Kim at the front desk of the hostel (she was making arrangements for further stay) and we invited her to breakfast.

The whole day was spent in Ocean Park. M and I got to see the sea lions and the dolphin show. Again, being vacation time, the whole place was packed. I remember a particular thought going through my head at the time: “These people live here and they still keep coming back? Don’t they have any thing else to do or anywhere else to go?”

There was a magnificent three-level fish tank which yours truly adored. I really wish I had one of those. (In your dreams.–M) The fish tank building also housed the jellyfish display, which M really liked. The day was stiflingly hot. Aside from water, M and I finished a small bottle of coke that cost us HK$25 (that’s roughly P 180 here in the Philippines!).

Lunch was at the Middle Kingdom Restaurant. Price was on the uhm… pricey side but the food was OK. We had a lot of fun on the side, taking pictures of the décor. Instead of table cloths, they covered the dining tables with layers of huge plastic sheets. After each set of customers are done with their meal, the waiters just peel off the top layer and voila! a clean table for the next batch of eaters.

Afterwards, we road the cable car from one end of the park to the other. Amazing!

We spent the evening having dinner at the Peak, specifically Spaghetti House, where M had pasta and I had lamb chops (my second favorite dish, after salpicao). The tram ride to and from the Peak was an experience in itself. The track runs so steep that the nearby buildings seem to have been erected at an angle!

After dinner, M and I headed for Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum. We both had fun interacting with the various “celebrities.” My favorite is the one with Tiger Woods. This is probably the closest I will ever get to playing golf. (See the pictures below.)

We got back to the hostel around ten in the evening. Needless to say, there was no preamble to our sleeping soundly that night.


2 Replies to “The Hong Kong Adventure (Day 2)”

  1. we did not get home by 10pm. we got home at midnight. remember chasing the 11pm tram back to the city?

    and her name was Michelle. =)

  2. Her full name was Michelle Kim. I’m still correct. =P
    Also, I was already thinking of home by ten pm. So what I said was true…from a certain point of view. (Many thanks to Obi-Wan Kenobi for that nice throwaway line.

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