The Storm That Was

Last Saturday, portions of Metro Manila and the surrounding areas were literally swept away by floods brought about by Typhoon Katsena. Pictures provided by and show a metropolis whose citizens are reduced to wading chest-deep in flood waters. (As of this writing, almost eighty people have died and hundreds of thousands have been severely affected by the storm–nearly fifty thousand had to be evacuated to schools and other civic centers.)

A few thoughts:

  • While some may doubt God’s goodness in a time like this, I will reiterate it here: God is good. We may not see the full extent of God’s goodness, but we know it’s there–he could have caused it to continue to rain (which would have meant more floods and more deaths) but he didn’t.
  • Losing nearly everything you own makes you realize the true value of life over material things. Some survivors of the flood remarked how glad they were to be alive, even though they lost houses, cars, clothing, etc.
  • Somebody, somewhere is sure to blame our president, Gloria Arroyo, for this.
  • Trying to catch up on sleep is nigh impossible.

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