The Hong Kong Adventure (Day 3)

July 24, Friday

We had a tasty breakfast at Hoi Keng Congee Specialist, a congee and noodle house a few doors away from the hostel. I had Century Egg Congee (a favorite of mine) while M had Pork Rice Roll. It’s not much of an exaggeration to say that we were both stuffed afterwards.

M and I were supposed to go to HK Disneyland, which was after we decided not to go, which was after we decided to go, and then not go, again. In the end, we spent the morning and the afternoon touring the Noah’s Ark exhibit in Ma Wan. M missed a good deal of the tour—you can’t go back in if you break the tour to go to the restroom. And there were no restrooms inside, along the tour route. Bad.

Still, aside from the display of the animals, the Noah’s Ark tour was mildly OK for me. The tour ended with a pitch against global warming, which I don’t really find all that useful. Mixing global warming with the message of Noah’s Ark doesn’t really mesh with me.

Because we were separated, I spent over half an hour looking for M outside the Ark. Even rode a Segway so I could rest my feet while looking. (They’re for rent at around HK$ 50.00, but the guy manning the booth let me ride for free, for a few minutes, when I told him I was getting worried about M missing. He may have felt sorry for me.)

I was too tired after all the day’s activities that I just rested in our room. M went shopping in the nearby night market.


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