The Hong Kong Adventure (Final Day)

July 25, Saturday.

This was our last day in Hong Kong.

M and I had another tasty breakfast at the Hoi Keng place. This time, M had the Beef Rice Roll while I had the Century Egg Congee again. (If I find something I like, whether food or clothing brand, I stick with it.) Aside from the congee and the rice roll, we also had some “Fried Dough.” These looked like long bread rolls and were very tasty.

We spent the morning packing stuff and preparing stuff and last-minute shopping for gifts.

After lunch, we had dessert at an interesting place called Modern Toilet. I think the pictures below will best describe this place better than any words I use.

After a wait in the airport and a quick flight home, we were back in Manila a few hours before midnight. Bliss!


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