When Christians Do Worse

A  few months ago, Filipinos were hit with the Hayden Ko / Katrina Halili video scandal. Without going into too much sordid (read: unnecessary) detail, suffice it to say that on several counts, the scandal left a very bad taste in mouth, as scandals often do. Days after the news broke out, people were complaining that they never got a chance to watch the infamous video of the couple doing… stuff that most of us wouldn’t want to get caught doing.

I mention this because just recently, Tiger Woods was found out to have had an affair. Affairs happen. They happen even to the “best” of people. Adultery is never a good thing. But because Tiger is a celebrity (like Hayden and Katrina are, in their own ways, celebrities) the news of adultery tends to get blown way out of proportions. Very soon (if it’s not happening already) you will see people condemning/vilifying Tiger, or maybe “trying to understand him,” or something. Perhaps we’ll even have fellow celebrities who will come out and defend him with absurd statements like, “It wasn’t really adultery adultery.”

What is a Christian to do? Sadly, I’ve seen Christians comment in the most absurd ways re the Ko/Halili scandal. I’ve seen Christians titillated by the latest tidbits of news and developments regarding the scandal. And I’m sure we will see the same reaction among Christians regarding Tiger Woods and his “mistake.”  In the Kho/Halili case, I’m saddened to say that I’ve heard Christians also wish they’d seen the video.  When supposed Christians take part in the media frenzy and respond like the world does in the face of sin, doesn’t that make us worse than the world?

I am encouraged by what CJ Mahaney wrote regarding this. For a complete reading of his words of wisdom, go here.



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