Michael Horton Conference Snapshot

The Putting Amazing Back Into Grace conference was held at the Quezon City Evangelical Church last January 29 and 30.

Dr. Michael Horton spoke in three sessions about recalling and proclaiming the grace of God in Christ. One interesting reminder from the conference was what I would call “the cosmological impact of the work of Christ on the cross.” That in redemption, Christ not only saved individuals for glory, but also will consummate the redemption of the whole cosmos, which is currently “suffering birth pangs, waiting for the deliverance from God” (my paraphrase). A couple of quotes from Dr. Horton:

“Apart from Christ, you don’t want to deal with God. And election apart from Christ is pure damnation.”

“When we choose Him, it costs us nothing. When He chose us, it cost Him everything.”

Dr. Anacleto Carag, president of Febias College of Bible, led one session entitled, Putting Christ Back Into the Pulpit.  Since there is an obvious Christocentricity in the books of the Holy Scriptures (read: the whole Bible focuses on Christ and his work of redemption), a faithful preacher has the responsibility to preach Christ alone. This was a good reminder since a good number of sermons we hear today fall under the category of “moralistic-therapeutic-legalistic-relativistic-deism.”  A quote from Dr. Carag:

“If a man can preach one sermon without mentioning Christ’s name in it, it ought to be his last, certainly the last that any Christian ought to go to hear him preach.”

Some shots from the conference follow. (I’m in some of them. Just to show how much of a Horton fan I am.)


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