My Two Cents… (Or Should It Be “Centavos?)

Fox had this on one of their forums:

In the most recent episode of HBO’s comedy hit “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” creator/director/actor Larry David urinates on the face of a painting of Jesus Christ. The episode goes on to mock Christians who believe a drop of urine on the face of Jesus is a tear and a miracle. Did the show – and HBO — cross the line?

I don’t have cable; I don’t even have regular TV. My entertainment is limited to DVDs and some funny stuff I watch on Youtube. I haven’t watched the program mentioned above, and I don’t intend to.

First thought that came to my head: It’s a free country. If anyone wants to deface a religious icon, he or she is free to do so. It may not be right, but it would be legal. It may not be justified, but it sure would fall under the freedom of expression ammendment (or whatever they call it). HSAT, one question that I would ask is, “Why just Christianity? Would “creator/director/actor Larry David” urinate on say, hmm… I don’t know, a picture of Mohammed?  You and I know the answer to that. Which begs the question: Are “artists” like Larry David really just cowards? Do they attack certain people because they know said people won’t fight back?

Second thought that came to mind: While I recognize the freedom of the artist, I am hard-pressed to agree with those who were offended. Let me make myself clear: Any attack on my Lord and Savior would be offensive to me. But right now my brain is still out on whether they are attacking Jesus Christ himself or just an idol of him. A painting/picture of Jesus Christ is not necessarily Jesus Christ. People will disagree with me on that one, I’m sure. However, while I may consider a painting/picture of Christ an idol, or at least a potential idol, I am not so obtuse as to deny that others may not feel the same way. For them, urinating on a picture of Christ is equivalent to urinating on Christ himself. (Connect this with my first thought.)

Third: If we were to believe the newsbit above, the purpose was not exactly mocking Jesus Christ or a particlar religion/faith. It was to mock certain people in that particular religion/faith. I’m talking of those who continue to believe (or put their faith in) statues that cry, shed blood, and heavenly bodies dancing in the sky.

So what am I to make of this brouhaha over this very pedestrian expression of freedom of speech? Romans 1 to 3, folks. Romans 1 to 3. However, the following comment did get my attention.

I have been a Christian my whole life and I found this episode absolutely hilarious. It is only offensive if you take yourself too seriously.

The above quote came from a guy named pali1 (don’t know if that was meant to mean something). If you ever come across someone who says he’s been a Christian his whole life, you know he’s lying through his teeth. That is, IF you go by the historic, biblical, and orthodox definition of “Christian.” By that I mean a sinner who has been saved by grace alone through faith alone, who is a disciple of Jesus Christ, living everyday by dying to the self and carrying his cross, and who continues to trust in God’s grace for his sanctification.

Also, how can one take himself “too seriously?” Is there a guage? Whenever I hear people use that phrase, my reaction is always, “OK, here’s another guy who can’t explain himself at all so he uses escape words to make himself feel good.”

No wonder some people hate Mondays.


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