Boracay Trip (Day 2)

Our second day in Boracay was, as planned, more activity oriented than the first. We woke up to a beautiful Lord’s day morning with breakfast of delicious banana and mango pancakes courtesy of Dave’s Straw Hat Inn.

After a short rest period we headed off to a day of snorkeling and island hopping. We shared the boat with about twenty other people, some from Australia and Europe.

I didn’t like the snorkeling very much and neither did my beloved M. The current was too strong and there weren’t that many fish to see.

We were satisfied though with our lunch and the stopover at Puca Beach. The waters were great–no seaweed, right temperature, great sunshine–and I tried (un)successfully to teach M to swim.

We ended the day with a dinner at a local Mongolian grille (three bowls for yours truly) and family worship before turning in.


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